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Garden Valley Center for the Arts

OCTOBER Gallery Show

Alan Giltzow & Gail White Ceramics

Annual Christmas Sale


Art will be due at the gallery at 10:00 on Wednesday, November 2.  The show runs through Sunday, January 1st,  at which time artists must pick up their unsold art. 

Each item must be identified with the artist name, an item number and the price.

Each artist needs a typed sheet, listing items by number and price. 

Everything is to be handmade:

pottery, paintings, quilts, jewelry, metal work, wall hangings, kids' toys, pet toys, hats, scarves, socks, kitchen utensils, games, glass, greeting cards, gift cards, fiber art, pillows, furniture, bags, notebooks, candles, etc.


Mission Statement

Garden Valley Center for the Arts promotes collaboration with local artists and our community to expand opportunities that benefit local artists, art education and economic growth.

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