The annual James Castle Celebration is on hiatus

for 2019 due to a number of circumstances.

With a renewed art program and a full time art instructor at the Garden Valley

School System during 2019-2020, we look forward to scheduling the next James

Castle Celebration.  Do visit the GVCA and view the display of James Castle

books and reproductions and limited James Castle inspired merchandise.

Our  2018  GVCA Annual James Castle Celebration was  Labor Day weekend, on September 1st and September 2nd.  Our monthly exhibit reception was Saturday evening, 6:00 - 8:00 and other events were held, along with the student art collection, items offered for silent auction and raffle and a contest to make new art FRIENDS FOR JAMES CASTLE.  Many local business supported the celebration by sponsoring a FRIEND at their business.

Note the date on your calendar and keep checking for updates on our plans for this annual celebration of our renowned local artist, James Castle.  Information about James Castle is found on the previous page.

Join with us as we in Garden Valley show that we are indeed


 The James Castle House --information about their Inaugural Symposium

The three-day symposium took place April 25-27, 2018, in Boise, Idaho, and offered a unique opportunity to understand James Castle’s work in the context of the distinctive rural places that were his home. Attendees  learned about the preservation and re-opening of the James Castle House, as well as efforts to preserve Castle’s famous Shed studio and Cozy Cottage Trailer. Symposium topics included curating and collecting Castle, how Castle’s work explains deafness and how deafness explains Castle’s work, next trends for artist house museums and more.  It was sponsored by the City of Boise.

GVCA members awaited the Symposium tour bus

with people touring Garden Valley to visit

James Castle's Birthplace.   They came from

New York, Washington DC, Florida, California

and the Boise area.  They were impressed by

the Center's warm welcome, "home made" refreshments and eagerly shopped at our gift shop.  Note the James Castle FRIEND at the back of the room and out front of the Center to Welcome visitors.  One guest--Cindy Steiler  of Florida, will be one of the first Artist's in Residence at the new James Castle House in Boise.