Click the link

Select the time slot you would like to volunteer for

Verify that the times shown are the ones you want. 

             (THERE SHOULD BE 11-2:00 & 2-5:00 for summer hours. 

              Call Gail at (208) 477-4820 if it isn't there but try not to alter the template.)


Replace the word Volunteer with YOUR NAME        

     But--you put your name where it has the space for WHO, your name will appear after the word VOLUNTEER.

then click SAVE

IF it asks Recurring Event Options--

Click the top one Single
                                    Apply to this event only.

                                    No other events in the series will be affected.

                           (Otherwise, you will sign up for recurring shifts you didn't intend to fill!)

Do NOT send emails to the email.  They likely will not be returned

If you experience any  glitches with the online calendar system,


       webmaster Linda Tuley at



       Gail White (who oversees gift shop signups until the end of 2019) at