If you are interested in letting the community know you teach private lessons or are interested in teaching for the GVCA community education programs,  please email us


with your name, contact information and art medium.  Fine arts, music, dance, crafts - all welcome. 

The Garden Valley Center for the Arts is working hard to meet the artistic needs of the community.
The Center is always interested in what visual and performing arts programs that you would like us to provide.

Keep checking back with us for classes.
     We will be posting  classes as they become available.

If you see something you are interested in, please contact us and let us know.
If you have a skill in any of the arts you would like to share, we are always looking for teachers for classes in the visual and performing arts.

If you missed any of our previous classes and would like the chance to take them - let us know.
We often re-offer our most popular classes when enough people express an interest in them. 

Contact Garden Valley Center for the Arts:
Marla Egerton, Director of Education: megerton@frontiernet.net
208 462-3278

 or Contact us at:
208 462 6860

Garden Valley Center for the Arts Director: Greg Simione


Steve Wadner, who was a featured artist in the Art Center Gallery, also taught a class interested adults.  We are hoping to display some of them at the "July Local Artists Show" .

Garden Valley High School students had the unique experience of learning about “Repurpose Clock Design”.

Steve Wadner, an artist from Union, Oregon, spent two weeks in the high school art class teaching repurpose designing for clocks.

Students chose a theme for creating their clocks based on a personal interest or on ideas prompted by the repurposing materials brought to the class by Mr. Wadner. From what some might call trash, these students created unique functional clocks that were also pieces of art. The Garden Valley Center for the Arts sponsored artist/teacher Mr. Wadner in the classroom for this art experience for the students. They want to thank Mr. Wadner for his teaching and congratulate the students on their creativity and success in building their functional art pieces through repurposing discarded materials.